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At Wellness Appliances we aim to be the most helpful resource when choosing the right products for healthful living.

The daily surroundings we live, work and play in can over time affect health and wellbeing. Our mission is therefore to research and recommend the best tools, tips, and methods to make your surroundings optimal; allowing you to be the best you long term.

Since 2014 we’ve taken it upon ourselves to follow the cutting edge of wellness technology for the home and office so you don’t have to.


We Believe

We believe in small adjustments. Because when taken over the long term, they can have large effects.

When it comes to overall health and wellbeing it’s worth the little bit of time spent upfront to make sure you’re surrounding yourself with the best quality air, light, water, and sound so you can set yourself up for years of success.


Our History

Founded in 2014, Wellness Appliances has since helped over 2 million people decide on the best wellness appliances for them and their family.


We Have Some Real Experts

Our team of reviewers and writers have over time built a wealth of knowledge in the area of wellness technology. With years of experience using and reviewing the kinds of products we cover, we count our team among the leading experts in the field.


Our Community

While we love following the cutting edge of wellness technology, we’re touched that so many of you have decided to join us along the way! Through email updates, Facebook, and Pinterest, we love sharing new reviews and pieces of wellness knowledge we come across.

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