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Hello, my name is Melissa and welcome to my blog!

Nature lovers appreciate the beauty of Nature’s elements. As a youngster, I walked through the fantastic gardens my dad had for his entire life. I learned about the plants and their important value to humanity. A cool morning misty walk down the meandering paths was a child’s delight. The fragrances were many with the dew still on the roses. And, I still do this today in my own gardens and feel like that kid again.

Discover the journey into Mother Nature’s storehouse of plants that have been specially grown and processed for making into essential oils. Your body, mind, and soul will be grateful and pleasantly refreshed. You can read more about the methods to benefit you throughout the reviews here.

You will enjoy a clean fresh start if you have never used essential oils for living well. If you are not a novice, you will find your beloved oils and diffusers right here for you to review. For you newbies, everything you want to know is here for your enlightenment.

You might prefer dōTERRA®, Calily™, Welledia, or SmileyDaisy®, that come in many fragrances with diffusers in various shapes and colors. When you have a relationship with healthy living, it empowers you with knowledge that is motivated by your intentions—to feel better.

This website will illustrate and explain to you that a home or any other place that smells clean and fresh is a wonderful place to be. This website has done the research for you to understand herbs, flowers, and their oils for your beauty and well-being.

Take care and never take essential oils internally. Only lavender oil should be applied to your skin. Turn your bathroom into a soothing haven where you can create and experience your very own salon-style aromatherapy treatment. Come visit often and check here for your endless possibilities.

Live well,