Edens Garden Essential Oils Review

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Edens Garden is one of the largest and most established essential oils brands, and is known for its high quality and wide range of products available.

It generally earns a high seal of approval for trustworthiness in sourcing ingredients, distilling its oils, and distributing to customers.

This Edens Garden Review, as with our other reviews, will present our take on the company as well as feature some varieties of essential oils they offer, gift sets, and carrier oils you might enjoyment.

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Edens Garden – The Journey

Edens Garden has been considered a top essential oils provider in the marketplace since 2009.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and company founder, Ms. Grace Martin, started the company in the early 2000s while traveling through New Zealand.

During Grace’s early years with the new company, she researched ways for using and improving essential oils for her natural treatment products. When she first started out, essential oils were relatively new to the public consciousness, and there was a big lack of understanding around essential oils products in general. After a few years of successes and failures, she established the methods for producing the quality product Edens Garden puts out today. She named Edens Garden essential oils for the ultimate utopia, the garden of Eden.

Edens Garden – The Quality

Edens Garden 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils proudly offer the highest quality of essential oils and highest grade of oils for your consideration. They thoroughly test and meet the standards you, the consumers, have come to rely on. All of their oils are considered 100% pure and of therapeutic grade. No pesticides, herbicides, harmful chemicals, Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), or chemical fertilizers are used during the plant’s growth cycle.

Edens Garden pure therapeutic grade essential oils

Edens Garden adheres to USDA food product and safety guidelines to ensure their essential oils are pure and organically produced. Their products are certified organic essential oils.

When Compared To Others…

Compared to others, we believe Edens Garden generally has a superior product at a lower price than other well-known brands such as Young Living, dōTERRA or Aura Cacia.

Edens Garden confidently promotes their oils as, “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, meaning each of their oils are in the upper levels of purity. Some of the plants are native to the United States and sourced locally, but other plants must be imported to make the essential oils. In both cases, the sourcing is transparent and the plants are generally of the highest quality.

Edens Garden keeps their prices low by selling directly to their customers rather than following a multi-level marketing plan. Multi-level marketing companies like Young Living and doTERRA essential oils must work their commissions into the price, which accounts for the striking difference in cost. Plant Therapy is another reputable oil company but lacks the offering of Edens Garden essential oils.

Trust and Safety

Edens Garden essential oils collection

All Edens Garden essential oils are tested by third-party laboratories using Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC MS) testing. Gas Chromatography is a method of separating the volatile compounds in essential oils into individual components. The Mass Chromatography (MS) is a computer that produces a linear graph that charts individual components.

This independent check on quality ensures each oil produced hits certain standards in purity and ensures health and safety are never a concern for consumers.

Benefits of Edens Garden Essential Oils

  • Edens Garden essential oils are certified organic. Each bottle comes with the USDA Organic Stamp, and are 100% therapeutic grade.
  • Compared to other essential oil brands, especially multi-level marketing companies like doTerra essential oils, Edens Garden oils are less expensive.
  • If you are not satisfied with your product you can return it for a full refund within 30 days by calling customer service at their toll-free number.

Edens Garden Essential Oil Collections

The Edens Garden brand has a lot to offer with their enormous range of essential oils. They sell many varieties of essential oils, personal care accessories, carrier oils, and gift packages. They offer discounts, deals, and bonuses with each purchase.

  1. Essential Oils

    With over 150 single essential oils and a wide variety of blends, Edens Garden is still discovering more varieties of oils to offer. You can purchase any of their single essential oils in 5 mL (0.17 ounces) bottles up to a 30 mL (1.01 ounces) bottle.

    Some of the single essential oils offered by Edens Garden are:

    1. coriander
    2. eucalyptus
    3. peppermint
    4. apricot
    5. kanuka
      *from an Australian tree that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory and has a pleasant perfume.
    6. lavender
    7. carrot
    8. Tea tree
    9. and ylang-ylang
      Note: Tea tree and ylang-ylang essential oils offer numerous benefits when applied with a carrier oil or added to a diffuser. Prices range depending on the oil chosen and bottle size.
  2. Carrier Oils

    Edens Garden is one of the few essential oil providers that sell not only single essential oil packs, but carrier oils that help to dilute the single essential oils, and blends to apply safely on your skin. When you decide on your favorite oils, look for high-quality carrier oils, and mix with your favorite pure essential oils. You can choose from 13 carrier oils including:

    1. avocado
    2. camellia seed
    3. hemp seed
    4. macadamia nut
    5. sweet almond
    6. and more
      Note: Prices range depending on the carrier oil chosen and bottle size. Hemp seed tends to be one of the more popular choice among essential oil fans.
  3. Gift Packs and Accessories

    When looking for a gift for someone, essential oils are great choices! Edens Garden offers a variety of gift packs to choose from. Each Edens Garden purchase comes with an informative brochure to get people unfamiliar with essential oils started.

Customer Service

As previously mentioned, Edens Garden essential oils have a great customer service program and refund guarantee. Simply call the toll-free number provided on the Edens Garden website if you have any questions.

The Bottom Line

We hope our Edens Garden review has been helpful and informative. In our opinion, Edens Garden is well deserving of your business because fo their commitment to high quality, wide range of products, and direct to consumer competitive prices.

We say find your next favorite oil, add a few drops to your diffuser, and feel like you’ve walked into the garden of Eden.


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