Top 10 Best Essential Oils For Treating Anxiety

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Treating Your Anxiety

The best essential oils for anxiety come from nature’s plant kingdom using the oils distilled from the plant cells. Our ancient ancestors have used the oils for centuries, so it is nothing new.

A disquieting anxiety is painful and you wonder what is causing it making you even more anxious. It is a psychological complaint that healthcare providers deal with for people of all ages. It can come on instantly as panic attacks from slight to overwhelming where you over breathe, your heart beats hard and fast, you sweat, and you might feel disorientated. Anxiety is usually caused by a deep-seated fear at the subconscious level, so when you figure that out, it will go away forever.

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy using essential oils in a natural way to use at home. Certain oils reduce anxiety and depression to leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful. Rid yourself of the insomnia, depression, muscle twitching and aches that are a part of chronic anxiety.

Constant anxiety can put stress on your heart, glands, immune, and nervous system and can cause chronic health conditions. Anxiety takes a huge toll on your mind and body. The body and the mind, including your emotions, want to be at peace always.

For calming your nerves achieving harmony, calm and quiet, and a measure of silence and tranquility, essential oils can benefit you with its therapeutic benefits.

1. Lavender

Lifts mood and calms nerves, wonderful for a good night’s sleep. Reduces nervous energy, anxiety, and depression associated with anxiety. It is great for reducing tension headaches that can sometimes be caused by tense shoulder and neck muscles.

2. Jasmine

The fragrance of jasmine is fantastic. Use in you essential oil diffuser to restore your energy levels and get back your positive outlook on life.

3. Ylang-Ylang

This essential oil will lower blood pressure and stop a pounding rapid heartbeat that comes with anxiety attacks. It will sedate and calm you during a bout with anxiety.

4. Sandalwood

The essential oil from sandalwood moderates chronic stress and anxiety. Dogs chase their tails in circles, so with this oil, you will stop doing the same thing a dog does. The oil will balance your body, mind and spirit energy.

5. Rose

This essential oil is used as an anti-depressant and mild sedative for calming anxious moments. Your confidence levels and optimism will be restored. The fragrance itself is relaxing and soothing.

6. Chamomile

For calming and soothing tangled nerves, use chamomile. It has been used for centuries for its therapeutic benefits for upset stomachs and its ability to make you drowsy to sleep well. It’s calming and relaxing quality’s will have you more laid back immediately.

7. Neroli

When you want anxiety to disappear, neroli will help lessen the angst within and calm you. It is wonderful for severe stress that takes the wind out of your sails.

8. Patchouli

Used for years as incense and a health-giving stability modifier for emotions, patchouli inspires the positive within you, calms and relaxes your stressed out nerves and emotions.

9. Clary Sage

For reducing depression, anxiety, and the inability to sleep, use clary sage in your diffuser during the day and while you sleep for reducing stressful anxious moments to realize calm and relaxation.

10. Frankincense

This plant’s properties have been used for centuries in cosmetics and incense burners. Ancient Egyptian remains in tombs have frankincense inside. It is connected with religious rites and traditions, mostly in Christianity. Frankincense has a multiplicity of benefits. For anxiety and stress, the essential oil is valuable and efficient for emotional and mental peace, relaxation, and your spirit. You will stimulate your thoughtful and meditative states and become more reflective. This is truly wonderful oil! Your anger, stress, and anxiety levels will diminish with the therapeutic benefits of frankincense. Put some oil into your diffuser and inhale its ageless wonders. Let your problems vanish as the mist when the sun comes up for a happier you!

Using Essential Oils Aromatherapy for Anxiety

With today’s astonishing electric or battery operated fan, heat, and cool diffusers you are sure to select the right one for dispersing the oil’s potent vapors into your space. You will need to diffuse into the air the mist to inhale into your body. When you think you might have an anxiety episode away from home, keep a bottle of your favorite oil in your purse or satchel for quick relief. Lavender, ylang-ylang, and frankincense would be good for this.

Add a few drops to your bath where you will breathe it in and it will be absorbed through your skin for double benefits simultaneously. Mix about 10 drops of essential oils in a carrier such as a cup of water or milk and add it the your running bath water. One ounce of almond or jojoba oil would be great for this relaxing and calming technique. Have your diffuser in the bathroom with you emitting a soft spray while you enjoy your quiet moments.

For more on uses of essential oils, and different things they can be used for, please check out our complete list of essential oils and what they are used for.


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