ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser LiteMist Review

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The unearthly ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser LiteMist with Ionizer and color-changing light is about as spacy as a diffuser can get! The smooth diffuser mimics the stars and the beautiful LED lights shine through them for a supernatural experience that is beautiful for a starry starry night.

Features and Performance

The exquisite ZAQ ultrasonic diffuser holds a huge amount of water of 200 mL (6.8 ounces) and will run 5-8 hours covering 300- to 400-square feet of space with no condensation. Set the mood in your celestial space whether it be your home, office, spa, massage salon, hotel lobby, or dorm room. Your child will love the soothing light effects within his or her own star lit room. The space will smell fabulous and look great with the energy efficient ZAQ Galaxy diffuser for all those star gazing aromatherapy lovers.

For your body, mind, and spirit to feel relaxed and your skin to feel moist at one time, the Galaxy by ZAQ uses its LiteMist technology that blends the oils and water into micro particles dispersing into the air for you to enjoy breathing in. No heat or burning is involved so that you get all the benefits from the essential oils to include citrus oils.

Specifications and Exclusive Qualities

LED lights—provide you with awesome colors of galaxy blue, green, purple and red, with red being the default color. There are no intermittent light options. It has a continuous mist and the diffuser changes colors, or to one color only, or no color. The outside top cover is ceramic and the water reservoir is plastic making it beautiful, healthy, and easy to clean. The diffuser is heavy and breakable. Use 3-5 drops of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils (not included) in this diffuser without a problem. The unit automatically shuts off when it’s out of water and to start it again you must add water. Because the diffuser uses no heat it provides a cool mist, and is cool to touch.

The plastic—used in the unit is durable and sturdy and is BPA-free (Bisphenol A) so there are no toxins. The ionizer provides negative ions beneficial for when you feel irritable, moody, or anxious. The therapeutic essential oils are wonderful for dry skin, dry hair, a stuffed up nose due to colds or allergies, removing foul odors from last night’s dinner, tobacco smells, or pets.

Maintenance—must be done to keep your diffuser in top-notch running condition. Always read the manual that came with your diffuser before cleaning and avoid using any corrosive cleaning products. Use 5-10 drops of white vinegar, a cotton swab, rinse and dry.

Important Details

  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 7.8” Mid-size
  • Weight: 11-ounces
  • Power: A/C 110/240-Volts 50/60 Hz (European usage) 24 Volts D/C, 650 mA
  • Power Consumption: 12-Watts
  • Power Cord: 5.5 feet

Here’s what you get in the box

  • ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser LiteMist
  • A/C Power Adapter
  • Water Measuring Cup
  • User’s Manual
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

Final Thoughts

Light up your space with starlight. Give this spectacular diffuser to a friend or loved one to enjoy the same benefits you have obtained. Gift-wrap is available at and your friend will be delighted with this cluster of stars shining softly for fragrance and therapeutic advantages.


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