Updated Method for More Giveaway Opportunities Just for You!

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Greetings to all our readers,

As many of you regular readers to this website know, in 2016 we promoted 19 monthly almost-free Essential Oil Diffusers or 100% Pure Essential Oils to 200+ winners. This was to endorse new types of diffusers and oils and to let you know they are available. The excited and happy winners usually paid a small percent of the cost and the shipping fees for an almost-free brand new sensational product.

In 2016, there were 1974 entrants who joined our monthly Giveaways.  The person with the most entries had a huge 1504 submissions!  Read more at: Our First Annual Report for 2016 

During 2017, we plan to continue with our monthly Giveaways. The lucky 10 winners will receive a 100%-off discount code for even more Essential Oil Diffusers or 100% Pure Essential Oils—and maybe a new item we believe in.

In addition to this, we have a NEW PRIZE!

  • Each Giveaway will now have 2 more winners having the most entries. Those 2 people will receive a $50 Amazon® Gift Card! Be sure to enter as many times as possible to be a high-entry contestant.
  • At the end of 2017, we will summarize the total contestants over the entire year and give the highest number of 5 entrants a $100 Amazon® Gift Card.



Do not miss your opportunity to win big this year! By joining or continuing to enter our monthly Giveaways, you can increase your total entries by—

  • Referring your friends to join with your Facebook account, your forums, and other groups you use online; and
  • Tweet or Twitter each day to earn more entries improving your chances to win products and Gift Cards!

We look forward to a wonderful year with you being a winner!



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